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8801 Foster Ave
NY, 11236
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(718) 649 6730

Just opened a corner grocery store, small supermarket, restaurant, please call us we can help 

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We are one of a most reputable wholesale food distributor in NYC

Tel: 718 649 6730 • Fax: 718 125 5655


food show event

food show event

Since 1969 we specialize in dairy, deli, poultry, beef, pork, frozen food, paper and plastic disposables with some 2000 stocked items from 300 national, local brand names, including our own quality brands.


Kimesha – Customer service Representative 

Kimesha – Customer service Representative 

Outstanding Service

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Honesty and fair pricing is our 47 year (and counting) strict policy. 

We are glad to service such a broad variety of customers. Diversity in our offered product line allows us to attract businesses of independent supermarkets, New York City bagels shop as well as deli and grocery operators to purchase a product from us and save money. Over the years, we have developed a presence in rapidly growing discount stores and east European delicatessens. Our Cash & Carry store lasting popularity with the convenience of six days a week pickup options successfully servicing our West Indian restaurants and our loyal “jobber” customers (volume independent distributors) for over than 45 years of service. Please call us at 718 649 6730