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September 15, 2015 meeting minutes


“Bunzl will demo replacement containers for the Styrofoam”

Confusion persist, high places going green, talc, sugar cane, etc. still a possibility

Bridgegate: cheaper then dart

Cheaper then Dart

Their sugar cane interested option

Wheat base best alternative to a hinged product

 Available in recycle gray and white (which is even cheaper)


Chalk injected

EcoCanemore like Newspring

Strongest foam replacement option

Not available as hinged containers


Most likely paper will be the replacement for the foam

“A webinar on information about gluten free will be on Wednesday 9/16/15 in the conference room at 2pm. A link of the webinar was emailed for those who are not able to attend, where they can stream it live to their desk top or phone”

Wayne is “Proposing wild rice as an item which is gluten free that can be geared toward health food customers that we have”

Wild rice is Gluten Free by nature

It is not actually rice it is seed of the grass

No commitment at this time

"We will look at the 30 – 90 day report and pick 4 items to have a fire sale on those items"

Next week

"Will Yoplait yogurt continue as an item or discontinue it and find another brand yogurt?"

Rita is discontinuing Yoplait

Rita will work on Dannon

"Update to fruit and vegetable"

Next week

Attendees: Peter, Rita, Norbert, Robin, Kimesha, Marie, Shamela, Wayne, Kenneth, Dwight