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August 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes


  • Big AZ Friday’s only promo $2  off continuing 8/21/15 – 9/18/15
    • quantity need to be checked
  • some new items in #10 cans are in, (grape jelly) more (milo, corned beef hash) on the way
  • air freshener and more Safeguards item will be presented on September meeting
  • Styrofoam issue
    • Bunzle will present their option in Sep 1 meeting
    • SuperWin will present their option on Sep 8 meeting
    • Sep 8 comparison chart will be made and decision will be made
    • Genpack containers is a strong styrofoam replacement option
  • Produce offering issue
    • onion, potatoes, / scallion? thime?
  • Declining Ssips sales issue
    • Wayne will speak to our c&c volume customers
    • Marie and others will do the same
    • question: what it’s taking over Ssips sales
  • Peter's assignment
    • Fairlife ad will be created ASAP
    • call to WIC office ! for information about cheeses requirements
  • Next meeting September 1 at 4pm