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September 15, 2015 meeting minutes


“Bunzl will demo replacement containers for the Styrofoam”

Confusion persist, high places going green, talc, sugar cane, etc. still a possibility

Bridgegate: cheaper then dart

Cheaper then Dart

Their sugar cane interested option

Wheat base best alternative to a hinged product

 Available in recycle gray and white (which is even cheaper)


Chalk injected

EcoCanemore like Newspring

Strongest foam replacement option

Not available as hinged containers


Most likely paper will be the replacement for the foam

“A webinar on information about gluten free will be on Wednesday 9/16/15 in the conference room at 2pm. A link of the webinar was emailed for those who are not able to attend, where they can stream it live to their desk top or phone”

Wayne is “Proposing wild rice as an item which is gluten free that can be geared toward health food customers that we have”

Wild rice is Gluten Free by nature

It is not actually rice it is seed of the grass

No commitment at this time

"We will look at the 30 – 90 day report and pick 4 items to have a fire sale on those items"

Next week

"Will Yoplait yogurt continue as an item or discontinue it and find another brand yogurt?"

Rita is discontinuing Yoplait

Rita will work on Dannon

"Update to fruit and vegetable"

Next week

Attendees: Peter, Rita, Norbert, Robin, Kimesha, Marie, Shamela, Wayne, Kenneth, Dwight

August 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes


  • Big AZ Friday’s only promo $2  off continuing 8/21/15 – 9/18/15
    • quantity need to be checked
  • some new items in #10 cans are in, (grape jelly) more (milo, corned beef hash) on the way
  • air freshener and more Safeguards item will be presented on September meeting
  • Styrofoam issue
    • Bunzle will present their option in Sep 1 meeting
    • SuperWin will present their option on Sep 8 meeting
    • Sep 8 comparison chart will be made and decision will be made
    • Genpack containers is a strong styrofoam replacement option
  • Produce offering issue
    • onion, potatoes, / scallion? thime?
  • Declining Ssips sales issue
    • Wayne will speak to our c&c volume customers
    • Marie and others will do the same
    • question: what it’s taking over Ssips sales
  • Peter's assignment
    • Fairlife ad will be created ASAP
    • call to WIC office ! for information about cheeses requirements
  • Next meeting September 1 at 4pm

July 10, 2015 Meeting Minuts




▼    Present People 

    •    Rita    •    Claudia    •    Shamela    •    Kimesha    •    Marie    •    Robin    •    Kenneth    •    Wayne    •    Dwight    •    Sheida    •    Ramon    •    Peter

▼    (Not Present)

    •    Michael    •    Rob    •    Marisol    •    Natalie    •    Irina    •    Mark    •    Norbert


    ▼    Peter offer new product line from Montana - Taranto

    •    Basket Cheese, Fresh String Twisted Mozzarella: plain, marinated,with fennel seeds, smoked

    •    (??)Question is  can we sell any volume on a steady basis with decent profit?

    •    (??)He's expecting Yes or NO question to be answered by July 17

    •    (√) Peter mentioned about new circular available on our website in Employee Boutique section

    •    (√) Peter showed and had given 12 promotional sheets, and encourage to ask for more customized and plain product offers

    •    (√) Peter confirmed receiving earlier in the week 5 new email addresses from Wayne


    (√) Rita updated information about cakes and muffins from the chosen new supplier turned out be fiasco, manufacture is not interesting in selling it to us

    •    (??) Rita will visit A1 customer with Natalie, sometime next week, and try to get him buying an the regular basis

    •    (√)Rita and Peter will visit Fernando's Bakery sometime next week (Thursday) to iron the misunderstanding

    •    (√) Rita clarified that Chobani list was limited to 9 staple flavors

    ▼    (??) Rita revisit prices of Fairlife Lactose free milk from Eastern Dist.

    •    12/11.5 oz 14.96/cs = 1.25/unit  it is main focus for JLF to sell @ 1.49/unit

    •    6/52 oz 16.65/cs (C&S reg 20.48 sale 16.23)

    •    (??) Rita and Natalie will visit in upcoming week potential customers

    ▼    (??) Rita confirmed bringing Yoplait yogurt line via C&S, scheduled to be in JLF in 14 days 

    •    27 flavors

    •    3 flavors


    ▼    (√)Robin confirmed showing 3 fish mix to Ramon, Claudia, Shamela, Kenneth, Wayne, Dwight

    •    Package is packed 8/3 lb @ 7.50 per package

    •    Interest: Claudia

    •    (??) Yes - No decision will be made on Jul 17 meeting

    ▼    (√) Robin confirmed being in stock 4 flavors of new beverage line Ralph & Charlie





▼    Wayne 

    •    (√) Presented report requested by Michel, sales of Pierre sandwich line 

    •    (√) Presented list of customers who were asked to purchased some of the special order items that we are (were) trying to move out of our inventory

▼    Ramon 

    •    Asked for Silk milk 

April 6, 2015 Meeting Minutes Between Purchasing and Sales Departments


1 - Although Purchasing and Sales are two different Departments, however one  Department cannot function and do their Job Properly without the help of the other Department.

2 - Sales People are Responsible  to sell Short Dated Merchandise, Merchandise that Customers Stopped Purchasing from JLF and Merchandise the Customer Stopped Selling in their Stores.

3 - Just because the Customer doesn’t Want to Purchase these Items from JLF any Longer for What Ever Reason, Doesn’t mean the Merchandise just sits in JLF.

4 - There is still a Responsibility on all of Our Parts to Sell the Products

3 - Buyers are Responsible for Merchandise they Order.

4 - Buyers are to Work with Sales People to get Rid of these Items.   

5 - Office Will Be Closed on Saturday’s Starting March 21st, 2015. To have someone in the Office come in for about 5 Orders to go out on Monday doesn’t make Sense any Longer

    A - These Orders are supposed to be Taken and Processed on Friday’s

    B - However If JLF is Loosing Business because the Orders are not being Taken because the Customers can’t give them on Friday, Then JLF will have to go Back and Open the Office to Get the Orders.

    C - The Company Can Not Loose Business Because of this.

6 - Michael Jr. will sit with Shamble and any one else for that matter to show how to use Base Camp.

    A - However this can’t be done because it was decided not to use Base camp Any Longer

7 - After Dialing Someone’s Extension and Getting Their Voicemail Hit the Number Sign (#) and 8 to get out of the Voice Mail System or Hit Zero (0) for Operator.

7 - Part of 7

    A - Michael will find out if it is Possible to make this Part of the Greeting, therefore People Calling into the Company will know that 

8 - Michael will talk with Miguel # 1 about Having 2 Drivers attending this Meeting, Because they should be Part of this also Being They See and Deal with the Customer.

9 - We Need To Know Our Customer’s Better to Suggest Other Items for them to try out.

10 - Talk to Customer’s about arranging a Specific Day and Time When They have More Time To Spend Time on the Telephone and Calling or Going to see the Customer if Needed.

11 - In these Meetings we need to get to Specifics. We Talk Too Much in Generalities and Not Much Gets Accomplished.

12 - Hip Chat was set up For A Reason. It Was Set Up To get People Information Quicker than through E-Mails. This Way Immediate Answers and Updates will get to Everyone Sooner.

    A - All sales People Need to be on Hip Chat

    B - We All Need to Pay Attention To Hip Chat Better 

13 - The Meetings Will Be an Hour to An Hour and Half Long. I would like to End them at 5:30 PM.

14 - We will Have Them Every Month Right Now To get Them Up and Going. Then Possibly Change them After That.

15 - The Next Meeting Will be April 10th.